[Best of Black Friday 2019] Lenovo’s X1 Robovac Goes on Sale for $429.99 – Designed to Beat Xiaomi’s Best

lenovo x1 robot vacuum cleaner

Whoa! Lenovo seems to be joining the vacuum cleaning race - or we are late to this party? Regardless, the company's entry to this niche market is happening with a sleek looking robot vacuum cleaner that does both sweeping and mopping. Calling it Lenovo X1 LDS Lidar Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the product focuses on low noise and high suction along with Alexa support.

Lenovo has priced it just right at $599.99, exactly like the Xiaomi's latest smart vacuum cleaner, the S5 Max. With Xiaomi leading this particular market with its up to date affordable smart vacuum cleaners, Lenovo seems to be going right against the Chinese tech giant offering X1 LDS at an introductory price of $429.99 for a limited time. If you are one of the first 400 buyers, you will also get small free gifts like the TWS earbuds.

Lenovo X1 LDS Lidar robot vacuum cleaner specs and highlights

  • Automated indoor navigation system 5.0
  • LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm + high precision map, intelligent mapping and route planning.
  • Superior disentangling ability, radar four-way anti-jamming and wire anti-winding, 60% higher than others: when the sweeper is stuck in the furniture, such as under the seat or wire, it can identify and get out of trouble by itself, and the wire will be automatically ejected. If it has been stuck or stuck twice in a row, it will alert its owner to set up a restricted zone.
  • 2200Pa powerful suction, use Japan NIDEC brushless motor, with the strongest suction up to 2200Pa, the cleaning efficiency is 20% higher, and the four-level adjustable, it can easily get rid of long hair, large particles and small dust, cat and dog hair in the home.
  • 55dB low noise, deep-sea quiet, as low as 55dB adjustable, 7 major noise reduction optimization, can present a quiet and clean environment. Rest, work time will not be disturbed by the sweeper.
  • Support Amazon Alex voice assistant making it easier for even not-so-tech-savvy people to use it by just talking to the robot.

Over your love for Xiaomi's smart vacuum cleaners? Head over to this link to get this black and gold beauty for $429.99 (no codes required).

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