Lenovo reveals the TruScale High-Performance Computing as a Service, a cloud-based supercomputer experience for businesses


The Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) launches the Lenovo TruScale™ High-Performance Computing as a Service, or HPCaaS, supplying the capability of supercomputing to associations of varying sizes via a cloud-like experience. The new high-performance computing as-a-service (HPCaaS) program develops Lenovo's everything-as-a-service TruScale portfolio. HPC clients will be able to access more prominent supercomputing resources, propelling a faster answer window for researchers operating on solving humanity's most eminent problems.

Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS technology supplies rack-level resources vital to innovation across numerous sectors, including pharma, manufacturing, and healthcare. Cloud-based HPC is the fastest-growing element of high-performance computing and on-demand resource consumption as the demand for better efficiency and scalable computing help increases. The standard HPC set operates at virtually maximum capacity due to the increasing need for constant compute and storage cycles, with little space for extra workloads. Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS produces more accommodation, allowing organizations to contend for research grants while earning quicker understandings skillfully.

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Lenovo’s TruScale HPC as a Service allows for incredible innovation with the flexibility for HPC customers to expand their clusters when needed. We designed this offering to make high performance computing resources easier and faster to deploy, offering researchers the freedom to think bigger and without technology being a barrier to their success.

Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of HPC, Lenovo

The adaptable, on-premises service maximizes HPC cluster resources and manages shared admission via a straightforward, pay-per-use standard organized and subsidized by Lenovo. With technology that is established right at the customer data center, HPC administrators can dynamically access and condition help on-demand. Organizations can acquire additional group resources through "push-button" access, which authorizes companies to operate other computing, storage, and acceleration abilities as required.

Lenovo's award-winning HPC solutions are assisting researchers worldwide to drive the limits of what is achievable and tackle massive obstructions. As the international leader in High-Performance Computing, Lenovo is operating closely with essential enterprise partners to design, incorporate, and deploy the technologies of exascale-level computing to associations of all scopes. With the new Lenovo TruScale™ HPCaaS, any association can have direct access to compute further, storage, and acceleration with more HPC resources prepared.

Lenovo TruScale presents organizations of all scopes the flexibility they require to remain competitive with a scalable, cloud-like consumption model and predictable  expense opportunities for  hardware and service inclusions, maximizing the return on investment and accelerating time to value.

With Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS, customers have comprehensive abilities to raise their supercomputing necessities as required:

  • Pay for what they consume with no hidden expenses
  • Efficiently scale HPC clusters by extracting resource limitations
  • Run applications of any magnitude without architectural blockages
  • Decipher capital assets into operational costs, bypassing pauses on lengthy and intensive budget permissions
  • Oversee budget and envision consumption and billing through Lenovo TruScale Portal
  • Entry to specialized hardware.

Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS offers heightened levels of security and protection. The on-premises HPC power allows continued secure access to data without any modifications in job scripts or hazards associated with shared cloud vulnerability. These capabilities are in supply in a highly cost-effective offering, without any data egress or ingress expenses related to usage. Integrated with the flexibility and skillfulness TruScale has to deliver, clients can release the real possibility of their data on their periods.

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While users maintain complete management of their data protection, Lenovo's professional management specialists support companies in their HPC execution, from structure to operative fronts. A reliable support team is also entirely available for buyers to employ if ever required.

Discover more additional information about the HPCaaS offering at Lenovo Winterstock 22.