Lenovo Announces New Legion Gaming Laptops And PCs

Alex Stevens

With around a year since unveiling Lenovo Legion, Lenovo's dedicated sub-brand for PC gaming, they're back at it and committing to providing premium and powerful gaming experiences with the latest hardware across laptops, towers, and cubes. We're announcing a new family of six gaming PCs - the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops, T730 and T530 towers and C730 and C530 cubes. spanning every form factor from full desktop, small form factor desktop and laptops these systems should have what it needs to seamlessly play today's most popular games, from action-packed battle royales like PUBG and Fortnite to epic role-playing game adventures. Each device comes with improved thermals to keep things cool when the competition heats up, providing that added peace of mind when pushing the boundaries of your game.

Lenovo Announces Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops

The new Lenovo Legion laptops are built for today's on-the-go gamer who travels light. Imagine the anticipation ahead of playing the hottest new title at lunch but having an important meeting on the same day. Rather than juggle two laptops in one bag, the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops cater to both in one chic machine - effortlessly transitioning from work to play. Made of precisely machined aluminum and anodized in a sophisticated Iron Gray, the Lenovo Legion Y730 Laptop showcases ultrathin borders around its full HD IPS display. Meanwhile, the Raven Black Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop has a subtle but compelling top cover texture that radiates out from the "O" in its Legion emblem. With the new laptops' sophisticated design, gamers will no longer have to worry about judgmental eyes in business meetings.

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Thinner, lighter and sleeker than before, the new laptops are ideal for those who want to focus on their game even when playing in public, instead of disturbing passers-by with the numbing glow of a typical gaming machine. Instead, the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops provide a stealthy cover that allows users to travel and game discreetly. Paired with a Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment, your gear will stay safe and sound from rush hour to happy hour.

More than capable of handling some of today's most demanding games, both laptops come fully-equipped with up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPUs, up to the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and Windows 10. Their keyboards are made to offer under 1ms input response time - designed to deliver that split-second advantage in competition. The laptops' optional 144Hz full HD IPS displays not only offer a higher refresh rate for smoother visuals and reduced motion blurring but also thinner bezels with brighter panels at 300 nits - making characters come to life in crisp detail. The Lenovo Legion Y730 Laptop is the world's first gaming laptop with Dolby Atmos Speaker System with Dolby Sound Radar. Dolby Atmos Speaker System creates an amazing experience over Dolby custom-designed and tuned PC speakers or over headphones. It delivers breathtaking, moving audio that flows above and around you, designed to place you in the action as sound comes alive with richness and depth. The new Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop natively supports Dolby Audio, which enables loud and clear sound. Combining crystal-clear visuals with incredible sound, the new laptops provide an all-around immersive gaming experience.

The Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop is the mainstream option, while its higher-end Y730 Laptop offers overclocked gaming horsepower in a 17-inch or 15-inch screen, with optional 16GB Corsair DDR4 overclocked memory. The Lenovo Legion Y730 Laptop is the world's first gaming laptop with a Corsair iCUE RGB backlit keyboard and system lighting, featuring six custom macro "Y" keys for added customization of more than 16 million color combinations.

Lenovo Legion C730 and C530 Cube Cases

The Lenovo Legion C730 and C530 cubes cater to the avid gamer who needs a lightweight, space-saving form factor, yet also wants the benefits of a desktop computer. Redesigned into a portable 19L Iron Gray chassis, the new cubes are more compact and lighter than before - letting you take your highest settings virtually anywhere.

With a convenient, integrated top handle, the easy-to-carry cubes can easily transport from your home to a friend's place for an all-night gaming binge. Its fully transparent top panel offers a bird's eye view into the heart of the rig - revealing its optional RGB system lighting for a mesmerizing array of colors on the C730, or clean red LED system lighting on the C530 - fully customizable through Lenovo Vantage.

While it packs a small size, the Lenovo Legion C530 is Lenovo's mainstream Windows 10 gaming cube at a more competitive price, while the C730 is a step up with premium features. Rocking up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs which is good enough for 1080P 144Hz gaming in most of the latest titles and, up to the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and optional overclocked 32GB Corsair DDR4 memory on the Lenovo Legion C730, it's small but mighty - ready to unleash a powerful, VR-ready gaming experience. Enter and explore expansive worlds full of life and detail in its highest fidelity, or kick up your frame rate to enable sharp, lightning-fast reflexes. Dolby Atmos on the Lenovo Legion C730 and C530 enables moving audio that will further immerse gamers so that you'll hear every crumbling building and earth-shattering explosion in vivid detail.

The new cubes also feature a dual-channel thermal ventilation system for better heat management than before so you can stay engrossed in uninterrupted gameplay.

Pricing And Availability


  • The 17-inch Lenovo Legion Y730 Laptop will start at $1,249.99 and the 15-inch model will start at $1,179.99, both available on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers in September 2018.
  • The 15-inch Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop will be available starting $929.99 on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers starting in June 2018.
  • The Lenovo Legion C730 cube will be available on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers starting at $929.99 in August 2018.
  • The Lenovo Legion C530 cube will be available on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers starting at $829.99 in August 2018.


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