Lemnis Gate Update Adds Its First Post-Launch Map, DLSS Support, Console FOV Slider, More


The Canadian-developed time-bending shooter Lemnis Gate has dropped its biggest update since it launched in October, adding a new map (“The Nest”), DLSS support on PC, a FOV slider on consoles, 2v2 ranked matchmaking, a spectator mode, tons of tweaks to individual maps, and more. You can get the rundown on some of the key additions included in Lemnis Gate ver. 1.3, below.

New Content

  • New Botler Hex Grid for KARL: Added the new ‘Botler’ Hex grid for KARL, with a new Emblem, 2x Operative skins and 1x Weapon skin to unlock
  • New Map – The Nest: A new Retrieve XM map, The Nest, is now available. This also comes with its own Recon Drone Time Trial and 20 more Collectibles to locate in Training Mode


  • 2v2 Ranked Matchmaking: 2v2 Ranked Mode matchmaking is now available, and will no longer redirect players to Normal mode.
  • Leaderboards:
    • MMR now comes before RANK in leaderboards
    • Added 2v2 specific leaderboard categories for MMR and RANK
  • Added Spectator Mode (Normal matchmaking): You can now spectate games using the Recon Drone. Connect to a match already in progress with a Join Code.
    • Once you’ve entered the Join Code, a “WATCH” button will become available on screen
    • Select the ‘WATCH’ button once you’ve fully entered the correct join code and you’ll immediately start spectating the match
  • Further Motion Sickness Improvements: Jump, land, accelerate and decelerate camera movements are now bound to the ‘Head Bob’ settings slider so they can be tuned down or turned completely off
  • Auto Sprint Mode: Added an ‘Auto’ sprint mode option for keyboard & mouse and controller
  • Toggle Sprint:
    • Reloading now cancels the sprint action if using Toggle sprint mode
    • Returning to a walk now cancels the sprint action if using the Toggle sprint mode
  • MMR Tuning:
    • Ranked Play: When defeated by someone with MMR 200 points higher than yours you won't lose a rank tier
    • Matchmaking MMR Evaluation: Matchmaking now prioritises MMR matching after cross-regional search is activated
    • MMR Update: 2v2 MMR and rank is now separated from 1v1 MMR and rank


  • Integrated NVIDIA DLSS Support: Integrated NVIDIA DLSS support for both the PC Steam and PC Windows Store versions (DX12 only for the PC Windows Store)
  • Console FOV Slider: FOV slider is now available in the Graphics settings for all consoles

As mentioned, Lemnis Gate version 1.3 also includes a variety of fixes, changes to maps, and improvements to online play and the game’s UI. You can get the full, unabridged patch notes here.

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Lemnis Gate and the new patch are available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s review of the game, right here.

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