Left 4 Portal 2, Bill is “Still Alive”

Rizwan Anwer

Those of you who own a 360 / PC are definitely familiar with Left 4 Dead, The game made by Valve where you play the role of 4 survivors of the zombie apocalypse. One of the DLC's of Left 4 Dead 2 was called "The Sacrifice" which lead to the death of one of the survivors from the first game, the scripted sequence should be Bill but it's optional, you do get an achievement if you use Bill as the sacrifice.

Anyway moving on to the point, it seems that Chell wasn't completely alone in her deep sleep she had company, whom you ask? Everyone's favorite old man "Bill" The following video was made in pure sense of comedy and is VERY well made it amazed me on what a fantastic job the creator did in adding Bills voice to just the right moments of the game. The creator replaced Stephen Merchants voice (Wheatley) with Bills voice making the game even more funny, Even though Bill isn't as helpful as Wheately he will save you from any and all zombies in the labs.

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