Learn How To Make A Homemade Air Conditioner In No Time

Ahmed Bilal

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you’re probably always hurrying to get under a fan or an air conditioner, because it is just too hot. But don’t worry, if you’re struggling with the heat the video team at Business Insider is going to let you in on an easy tip that will let you beat the heat. No need to buy a fancy air conditioner and no this won’t get you crazy high electricity bills, all you need are a few household items that are generally available and you can make your own simple DIY air conditioner. And it won’t take you more than 15 to 20 minutes to make it.

Stay cool in the heat, thank science

The materials you need to make the air conditioner are:

  1. A Styrofoam cooler (you can buy it online or from any hardware/supply store)
  2. Duct tape (we all know nothing is complete without duct tape)
  3. A Small electric fan
  4. A cutter/razor or a small knife
  5. A marker
  6. Ice (frozen bottles preferred)
  7. A dryer vent (you can buy this at any hardware store)

Once you’ve got these things take the top lid of you Styrofoam cooler and make markings with the marker around the fan and the dryer vent, that way it will be easier to carve out the holes for them. Now use the cutter to cut the tracings out (it’s better to cut smaller holes you can always make them bigger but vice versa and you have a ruined lid). You’re almost done, it’s that simple, now just cut off roughly 10 inches or approximately 25 centimeters of the dryer vent and bend it into an L-shape. Keep the bent part outwards and slot the vent into the hole that you cut out earlier, now seal the dryer vent with the duct tape and make sure it is fully covered.

After doing all of this fill the cooler with the ice, frozen bottles are preferred because they melt more slowly and will give you more cooling time than blocks of ice but whatever suits you best. Now put the fan on top with the face inside the pre-cut hole, and turn it on. And there you have it your very own self-made air conditioner which can blow air to about 57 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 13 degrees Celsius) without any high electric bill. Use this tool wisely during the summer and stay safe while making it.

Here's the video credits the folks at Business Insider

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