Leaked Images From Upcoming PS4 Firmware Update Show UI Improvements and Redesigned Features

Fahad Arif

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has been more focused on the software stability of its latest PS4 console in previous console firmware updates. Instead of adding new features and improving the already existing ones, the Japanese platform holder has released updates that only stabilize the performance of the console and eliminate common system bug. However, looking at the leaked images from apparently the next big PS4 firmware update, it appears that finally listening to fans' feedback, Sony is all set to introduce some new system UI improvements, new folders options and more.


Leaked Images From Upcoming PS4 Firmware Update Show Improved UI, Folders, Redesigned Trophy Notifications, and More

Millions of PS4 users have been shouting at Sony for months now demanding to add new features to the console's user interface with system updates, and it won't be any good for the company if they still don't do it with their upcoming update. Of course, Sony is well aware of the situation, and it even appears that the manufacturer has some good things in store that will be added to the console with next big PS4 firmware update, at least this is what the leaked images suggest.

BehindGames recently managed to share some images of the upcoming next big PS4 firmware update that will bring some favorable changes to the console's UI. The leaked images show an enhanced console user interface, including folders option, some minor design improvements, and an entirely redone Trophy and friend invite system. This means users will be able to place multiple games into one folder and organize their content by naming that folder. Like Xbox consoles, users will also be able to press the PlayStation button to bring up more information about a Trophy once it is earned in-game, and friend invites will also work similarly.

Sony has not issued any official statement on the topic, and while it seems like these leaked images are pretty much fake because in the second image given below, you can see the "RP" ESRB rating on the Killzone: Shadow Fall game icon, the footage added below, which shows how the new invite system works during users are enjoying their game, makes all this a little worth sharing. Sony surely won't say a word about this so we will just have to wait until Gamescom to see if this PS4 firmware update is really what the manufacturer has planned.


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