Leaked Galaxy S7 Video Shows That The Device Is Bringing Back One Crucial Feature

Omar Sohail

With a string of leaks continuing to pour in concerning the latest flagship from Samsung, Galaxy S7 might be bringing back a crucial feature after all; one that was void in the entire Galaxy S6 and Note 5 family.


Leaked Galaxy S7 Video Shows A MicroSD Card Slot – Storage Expansion Flexibility For Consumers After All  

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is correct, Galaxy S7 is looking to sport a MicroSD card slot, allowing you to take complete advantage of the storage expansion flexibility that is ubiquitously present in a wide range of mobile devices. However, there are some disappointing aspects of the device. Starting off, the smartphone lacks the appeal that its predecessors were glowing with, but we suppose that having convenient and crucial features like a removable battery (which is not included as part of the feature list in Galaxy S7) and expandable storage trumps everything having to do with the cosmetics of the phone.

Additionally, the device expected to come incorporated with a 2,800mAh battery. Earlier leaks suggested that the smartphone would be packing a 3,000mAh cell, which is the same capacity present inside the company’s Galaxy Note 5. It appears that the South Korean tech giant has once again skimped out on providing us with sufficient amounts of battery life, which is thoroughly disappointing to see. However, with the improved hardware present inside the smartphone, we should expect better efficiency, leading to better battery life.

Samsung Exynos!!!!!

The flagship smartphone is expected to be sporting both Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 and Samsung’s own developed Exynos 8890 SoC (separate chipset models). According to our previously published reports, the upcoming smartphone is going to available in two screen size variants and we have already stated the specifications present inside the 5.1 inch screen variant, as well as the handset’s dual-SIM models, which will most likely be arriving after the single-SIM versions have been brought into the spotlight.

While Samsung has received significant amount of praise for its mobile hardware, it has been bombarded with the exact same opposite responses when it comes to its software. It was even reported that Google is intending on lending a helping hand to Samsung in order to further refine the interface, because it would be a huge blow to the tech giant if it loses out on the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer in the world right now.

Samsung Exynos (2)

Additionally, it has also been stated that the upcoming handset will be packing a 12.3MP rear camera sensor with a wide aperture of F/1.7. This goes beyond the capabilities of Galaxy Note 5, which feature an aperture of F/1.9, showcasing that Galaxy S7 will perform very well in low-light conditions. Despite the fact that the number of megapixels have been decreased, it will actually be advantageous in low-light environments because more light per pixel will effortlessly be able to enter the sensor, resulting in an accurate and pleasing image, even in locations where there are limited sources of light.

Galaxy S7 is definitely looking to be a killer smartphone, and if Samsung is able to refine its mobile platform and add a MicroSD card slot, the company will definitely be able to get back into the smartphone game with severe ferocity.

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