First Video Leak of The Division Pre Alpha Version

Tom Clancy's "The Division" has had some very recent news where its developer came out and talked about the PvP experience they are aiming for in the game. The Division game director Ryan Bernard talked about PvP in the game where they wanted to increase the level of intellect allocated to players about certain areas in game - you can read more about it here. It will be very interesting to see how the developer wants to reach that level of gaming in the modern arena where he said:

"We really want to bring the fun components of PvP from other games in the genre. We want to try to make the mechanics more positive so you’re never really punished.”


The Pre Alpha Version Video Leak

Earlier VG247 reported that they were contacted by the author of the leak who gave them a one minute video for the viewers to showcase. The originality of the game can be commented as matching from the screenshots we have received so far and hence we can fairly deduce that this is the real version of the Pre Alpha game. The quality of the Pre Alpha version is quite low as you'd expect but it shows a faster and smoother gameplay whch is obviously buggy.

the division pre-alpha

Source - VG247

The author of the leak is alleged to have said:

  • The game received a good downgrade, but it is an old alpha.
  • If the game evolves little before the alpha, will be another disappointment
  • And the gameplay this blackberries arcade and fast, Which I did not like.
  • And it has some bugs, but it is normal for an alpha

We're curious to know aswell where this video came from and who gave it to the author but for now we can only comment o the environment of the gif you can see above. The quality is, as you can see, quite low at this point where the focus is on the gameplay. But the environment does look quite good and gladly we have a couple of screenshots to compare the environment with. You can view them below:


Again the source is VG247 and these are pictures of what should the game look and comparing these, do let us know which one looks better in the comments.

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