The iPad Mini 4 Will Be 6 mm Thin – Detailed Renders Leak Today

Apple's got a big month coming up. The Cupertino manufacturer is all set to launch the iPhone 6S Duo this September, and even before the devices are launched, it'll have staunch competition from Samsung and others in the form of the Korean manufacturer's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 launch coming next week. But Apple makes a whole lot of products other than the iPhone, even though it might contribute in a major way to the company's overall revenues. We've been seeing information pop up about the iPad Mini 4 in bits and pieces and today there are more details available about the next generation in the iPad Mini lineup.

Latest iPad Mini 4 Render Leak Showcases Device From Every Angle

When it comes to Apple leaks, few have as much frequency as the French Onleaks. He's back today, this time with the iPad Mini 4, and courtesy of the video above you can take a look at Apple's tablet in detail. In the render video, Onleaks showcases several iPad Mini 4 features, which show a sleep/wake button and a headphone jack on the top of the device.

These are followed by a single line speaker grille on the device's bottom in the middle of which the USB port for the iPad Mini 4 comfortably rests. On the right side of the device you get the volume up/down button and the SIM card slot. But what we're more interested in today is the dimensions that Onleaks shows in his video. According to the leaker, the next iPad Mini will be 6.13 mm in thickness, which will be more than a millimeter of decrease on the current iPad Mini 3, which stands at 7.15 mm. It'll also be 134.75 mm wide and 203.16 mm tall, marking very small changes from the current iPad Mini's dimensions, which stand at 200 x 134.7 mm.

This also means that there won't be a screen size change on the device either. But we're hopeful with the reduction in thickness, which is most likely due to processor and other hardware advancements. More should surface on the device in the coming months. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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