Latest Google Chrome For iOS Update Adds A Hidden Miniature Game


If you're the kind of person who holds fast on Chrome rather than the stock Safari browser on iOS, there's an update that might catch your interest. Yesterday, Google Chrome for iOS received an update, bumping the app to version 54.0.2840.66. There are a number of additions included in the update, but the most interesting one is the addition of a miniature game. Let's see some more details on the update.

Chrome For iOS Update Adds A New Mini Game That You're Probably Familiar With

The Chrome update on iOS brings stability improvements along with various bug fixes. However, it also brings an interesting mini game for users running the Chrome browser on iPhone, iPad or iPod. More importantly, the game can be played without having an internet connection. Well, no internet connection is possibly the reason for the addition of the game on the first hand.

The minimalist side-scrolling miniature game is something you are already familiar with on desktops. It pops up if you do not have an internet connection. There is no proper way to initiate it, except for disconnecting or putting your device in Airplane mode. If you remember correctly, the last time you did not have an internet connection on your desktop Chrome browser, you were presented with a mini dinosaur game. This is the same game, incarnated onto a smaller scale on iOS.

Once you are offline or do not have an internet connection, you will see a "You are Offline" message. Other than this, on the screen you will also find a charming little dinosaur, which will be your main character. The game is an endless runner-like platform. For a deeper insight, check out the video embedded below.

Once you tap the Dino, it starts running forward. On your way, you will see various cactus-like figures blocking you from moving ahead. Tapping on the display makes the dinosaur jump and avoid obstacles. If you're good at this game, you will see that the game also unleashes birds and changes the background to a night mode. Moreover, it gets faster, making it more difficult to jump.

Nonetheless, the game will surely help you be patient until the internet connection is stable again. So be sure to update Google Chrome for iOS if you haven't already. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the newly added miniature game in Chrome for iOS? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.