Latest Cydia Update Version 1.1.33 Fixes Slow Loading of Applications

Cydia Update

Cydia has been our go-to package manager for jailbreak since the start. Now, it comes as a default on the Checkra1n and Unc0ver jailbreaks. Recently, it just got updated to version 1.1.33 that resolves an issue pertaining to the slow loading of apps. The sporadic crashes would occur when the file containing the metadata becomes corrupted.

Cydia Updated to Fix The Prevailing Issue of Slow Loading of Applications - Update Now!

When the initial update was made available, jailbreak users reported that the applications were loading slowly, especially when the resources were refreshed. Sam Bingner released the second update on Friday which bumps up the version to 1.1.33. The update addresses the slow loading of applications, so if you haven't updated it yet be sure to do so.

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Cydia Update

Here's how Sam Bingner explains the circumstances in a post published on Reddit:

Cydia updated to fix slow load times for some people – it was because of an apt quirk. This has decreased the load time for me with 112 sources and about 65k packages from approximately 3-5 seconds to about 1.4 seconds… and apparently from 30 seconds to less than 2 seconds for a tester.


Cydia (has always) created what looks like a presumably free object in something that is called in a loop for each source. This object (a pkgAcquire object) currently executes all the executed methods to see what version they are inside apt. I’m not sure if this was always the case, but it drastically slowed down Cydia’s load time, especially with a lot of tweaks and a lot of sources because each one of those calls had to have all the tweak’s constructors run on it. I fixed it by caching the pkgAcquire object at a higher level (thanks to Saurik for pointing me to the right place to cache it).

As can be seen, the post's responses appear to indicate that the update solves the slow loading of applications that most of the users were facing. Again, be sure to update Cydia if you have been experiencing the issues. If you don't know how to update, simply head over to the Cydia app on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad and refresh the resources. Once you do that, the essential update will be available.

Did the latest Cydia update fix the slow loading of applications? Let us know down below.

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