Lara Croft GO For iOS Gets An August 27 Release Date

Hitman GO creators Square Enix is working on another turn-based strategy game for iOS. Lara Croft GO is an amazing mobile strategy game with the combination of exploration and puzzling hurdles. Square Enix announced the release date in a media release - Lara Croft GO to hit the iOS platform on 27th of August. Square Enix also reflected that the forthcoming game provides “a never-before-seen take on the iconic franchise, featuring challenging levels, gorgeous visuals and a mesmerizing soundtrack.”

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have together designed Lara Croft GO in an elegant manner rooting its theme in the ancient civilization. The game is a brainy puzzle solving enigma with a turn-based notion, also found in the company's previous creation - Hitman GO. One can catch the idea about Lara Croft GO under the light of Hitman GO which was one of the most popular mobile strategy game. The game features amazing visuals and tracks to hook players for a mouthwatering gameplay.

Let's see some more tempting details on Lara Croft GO for iOS.

Lara Croft GO For iOS Will Be Free From All IAPs

Lara Croft GO features top-notch visuals as can be seen in the screenshots. Apart from that, Lara Croft fans will also attest the familiar hallmarks of the original in the upcoming GO title. Square Enix has confirmed the presence of tombs, ancient artifacts, unknown and mysterious locations and other scary creatures that makes Lara Craft a favorite to many. Developers promise astounding visual graphics, captivating soundtracks along with challenging stages.

The game is build upon the turn-based concept of Hitman GO, but Square Enix has taken it to a whole new level this time around. The Head of Studio at Square Enix Montreal said, “Working in close partnership with Crystal Dynamics, we are excited to tap into the nostalgic love we have for the ultimate female adventurer, Lara Croft, and bring you… the Essence of Adventure.” Undoubtedly, Lara Croft GO will take center stage on its arrival on the App Store.

Let's just hope Lara Croft GO keeps up to the same pricing level. All we know so far is that the Lara Croft GO will be a premium release, free from all in-app purchases.

Judging by the shining reviews from the App Store listing of Hitman GO, the Tomb Raider inspired version will be incredibly addictive and could be part of this year's major hits. In addition to this, there will be a Lara Croft GO inspired contest which will showcase fan art in PAX Prime Seattle at the Lara Croft GO party. This event would take place a day after the release on 28th of August and artists would be bestowed with prizes.

If you are interested enough, you can take part by emailing your artwork to along with the subject entitled as ‘Lara Croft GO Art Contest Submission’ and your name. The top 10 entries will be selected to be displayed at the auction with proceeds going to Child's Play.

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