Kudo Tsunoda Teases “Gears of War News Coming Shortly”

Archie Paras

Kudo Tsunoda, creative director on Kinect for Microsoft and game developer, has received a leadership role for Microsoft, looking after a number of first party studios. An announcement from Microsoft reveals Tsunoda’s new role:

 “While the Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Minecraft franchises will continue to report to Phil Spencer, Kudo will lead the vision and experience development of our other Microsoft Studios portfolio investments in the United States, Europe, and across our Global Publishing team.

Kudo Tsunoda will still be working on Microsoft’s upcoming HoloLens, but the new role will have him leading other Xbox teams, like Rare, Lionhead, and others. An interview between Tsunoda and Larry Hyrb can be found below.

Gears of War news incoming

Kudo Tsunoda reveals that Gears of War news will be coming shortly, and also shared some details on his plans for Xbox One. Fans of the Gears of War franchise have been waiting for some news on the next iteration for some time now, and it certainly is quite exciting that some are coming quite soon. it would be interesting to see whether Microsoft will bring the new Gears game to Windows 10 as well, as they have recently renewed the dedication to PC gaming.

DirectX 12 will definitely bring some very exciting new technologies, as well as significant performance increases for both the PC and Xbox One. Bringing Gears of War to the Windows platform will go a long way to prove Microsoft commitment to the PC platform. With Fable Legends already coming, a possible Forza port, as well as many other potential new cross-titles, including Rare's yet unannounced projects, Gears of War would be the icing on the cake.

We will bring you any additional information regarding Microsoft, Gears of War, as well as PC and Xbox One news, as soon as it becomes available.


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