Kolink Announces the Small Form Factor Case, The Rocket V2

Evan Federowicz
Rocket V2
Source: Kolink

Kolink has announced a refreshed version of its Rocket PC case, and this refreshed PC case is called the Rocket V2. This new version of the Rocket PC case retained a Small From factor design with a total capacity of 13.8 Liters. This case features stylish aluminum construction, which features a 2.5 mm thickness, enhancing this PC case's durability. This case features a limited front IO, having just a USB 3.0 Type-A port and a single USB 3.2 Type-C port.

The Rocket V2 PC case uses a fully aluminum design with limited storage options but an aluminum panel thickness of 2.5 mm

The Rocket V2 PC case uses an all-aluminum design, and this design offers a simple design with venting holes on either side panel. This all-aluminum design further increases the case's durability, and the anodized titanium grey surface gives the Rocket V2 has a distinct and premium feel. This case features 2.5 mm thick panels. This case's dimensions are 150 mm x 270 mm x 350 mm, perfect for a professional or small form factor build.

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Source: Kolink

The Rocket V2 PC case offers limited compatibility supporting just a Mini-ITX form factor for the motherboard. This limited compatibility limits the cooling options supported by this case, including a 92 mm AIO and a 63 mm air CPU cooler. This case can support a graphics card with a maximum length of 330 mm and a maximum width of 2.9 slots with the GPU cooler included. This case may not offer support for an ATX PSU, like the SUGO 15 PC case, as it only offers support for either an SFX power supply or an SFX-L power supply. For storage, this case offers support for only two drives with a smaller size of just 2.5" inches.

Source: Kolink

This PC case's front IO is limited by having only two ports, the first being a USB 3.2 Type-C port and a single USB 3.0 port. This limited IO does keep the front panel looking clean but may require longer cords for the connected peripherals.

The Rocket V2 PC case comes included with a 280 mm PCIe Gen 3.1 Riser cable and a 92 mm slim PWM HDB fan. This case also offers two expansion slots for the installed graphics card or any PCIe expansion card.

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