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Kojima’s New Game ‘Death Stranding’ Announced


Hideo Kojima's new IP has been announced durings Sony's E3 Press Conference overnight. The game is expected to release on PS4 first. A PC version will be released later on.

Kojima's new game is called 'Death Stranding' and features Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus.
Check out the reveal trailer down below:

In the reveal trailer we witness Reedus lying on the beach. He then sees a baby next to him, which he picks up. After the baby suddenly disappears, Reedus can be seen looking around, after which he notices that the entire beach is full of dead fish.

Although Kojima and Sony didn't reveal much during the initial reveal of the game, Kojima did share some tidbits during a Youtube livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley.

According to Kojima, he still hasn't picked an engine for the game, although he has selected a few candidates. A lot of action will be involved, but other than that, Kojima didn't share any relevant details.