Some Of The Things Hideo Kojima Is Doing With Death Stranding Are Unlike Anything That’s Ever Seen Before


Death Stranding is among the most mysterious games that's currently in development for PlayStation 4. Very little gameplay footage has been shown so far, and what has been shown doesn't really shed some light on what players will actually be doing in the game. While we still don't know precisely what Death Stranding is going to be about, we know that's going to be unlike anything released so far.

Speaking with Consolevania, Scottish band CHVRCHES' Ian Cook, who recently visited Kojima Productions, revealed that some of the things Hideo Kojima is doing with Death Stranding are unlike anything that's ever been done before. He has no idea how the legendary game designer is going to make them work, but he's confident that if anyone can pull them off, it's Hideo Kojima.

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Some of the shit he is doing with the new game is unlike anything I have seen anyone else do. I have no idea how he’s going to make it work but I am confident that if anyone can do it, Kojima can.

Death Stranding reached an important development time last month. Hideo Kojima is apparently playing the game every day and making adjustments as needed, adding and removing features.

Death Stranding is not in its debugging stage, but combing all the game elements formed in the development tools into the game. So everyday, Hideo’s playing the game on PS4, connecting, adjusting. It’s adding and taking out things at the same time. Key time in the development.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PlayStation 4.