Kingston Introduces the DC1000M U.2 Enterprise SSD With a Capacity of Up to 7.68 TB


Kingston Introduces the DC1000M is a data center SSD, and this SSD utilizes 3D TLC NAND flash memory chips. These NAND flash chips allow this SSD series to feature a read and read speed of up to 3,100 MB/s and a write speed of up to 2,800 MB/s. The speed in combination with the impressive size of up to 7.68 TB means allows this drive to be fantastic for its intended data center usage.

Kingston reveals the DC1000M data center SSDs that features a maximum capacity of up to 7.68 TB

The DC1000M series of SSDs are built into the U.2 form factor with dimensions of 100.09 mm x 69.84 mm x 14.75 mm. These dimensions, alongside being built in the U.2 form factor, make this drive ideal for data center use.

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Source: Kingston

Another feature that makes this SSD perfect for data center use is a fast read and write speeds while still offering incredibly large storage capacity. These features are highly sought after by data centers as being able to split up these quicker drives between different virtual machines or servers makes this expensive SSD much more affordable.

These drives also feature a wide array of enterprise SMART tools that offer usage statistics, SSD life remaining, wear leveling, and Reliability tracking. These tools allow the server administrator to easily get the statistics and overall drive health significantly easier and much more effectively.

The 7.68 TB version of the DC1000M series at idle consumes just 5.74 watts of power, and at Max read, this drive requires a total of 6.63 watts of power. At Max Write, this drive requires significantly more power, and the drive needs at least 17.88 watts of power. This is necessary information for server administrators that have a tight power budget when compared to the average PC users.

This SSD series can operate in both the cold weather of just 0°C (or 32°F), while for the hottest temperature that these drives can operate at is 70°C which is roughly 158°F. This is another feature that data centers will enjoy as inside a server case, which has multiple servers all running at the same time, and the temperature can get exceedingly high when compared to other PC environments.