Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Interview with Tobiasz Stolz-Zwilling

At Gamescom 2016, we were able to meet up with Warhorse Studios to check out Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the upcoming historic role playing game originally crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

The presentation, which you can check out in video form below thanks to Seanarchy Gaming, focused on the stealth system and infiltration. Fighting against multiple enemies is not advisable in Kingdom Come: Deliverance as it will most likely result in your death, so being sneaky is a great idea. Of course, to do that effectively it is recommended not to wear heavy armor as it would make the character very conspicuous.

After taking out an enemy patrol, the main character took his armor to disguise himself and enter the enemy camp. Once that was done, another interesting option was mentioned: poisoning the soup, which could weaken the enemies and even kill them. Following a few additional sabotages such as burning their arrows, the mission was completed and it was time to report to the Lord.

After the presentation, which once again showed how promising Kingdom Come: Deliverance really is, we were able to chat with Tobias Stolz-Zwilling and ask him a few questions about the game.

Obviously, the game was delayed in 2017 as we reported exclusively some time ago. What was the main reason behind this delay?

The main reason is always quality. The more time we have, the more time we can spend on actually developing the game. We are a crowdfunded company and we are really closely listening to our community. For example, today I showed you the halberds. We were already sure to scratch it from the list of weapons, but the community was so upset and wanted them in there that we had to deliver.

The more time we spend, the more features and polish we can add.

Do you have a target window like Q1 or Q2?

We have no target yet. We have some things to discuss right now, but we want to release the release date as soon as possible. We want to say it in the next weeks, months, we'll see.

Now we're already playing through the entire game. Maybe next year we'll talk about Kingdom Come 2.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming out simultaneously across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. How are the console versions doing? 

We are working as we speak on the PS4 and XB1 builds. Both of them are doing well, but of course we started in development with the PC version. Now we have to think about where we can downgrade, optimize some parts to make it fit for the consoles as it's a fact that consoles are not as powerful as a PC.

Still, we want to have the best results for all the platforms. The builds are running good, but not fast enough right now, so we need to find the right spots which we can live with if we have to lower the graphics at some points.

Do you have a target resolution?

1080P is the target, we want to make it as good as it gets. You saw the computer version, we have one of the most powerful graphic cards right now but once the game is released it will be optimized. Still, for consoles we have to downgrade a bit to make it run there.

Sony and Microsoft announced new and more powerful consoles, though, due next year. Are you looking at supporting them?

We are looking at them, maybe for the long term. Right now, we're working only on PS4 & XB1. We know of them, we know of the technical stuff...We know of DirectX 12, we know of Oculus Rift, we know of new consoles and we have it in mind. Our Chief Programmer is having a lot of ideas.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance running on the latest CRYENGINE V?

We have the latest version of CRYENGINE 3, which is way more advanced than CRYENGINE V. It's a bit complicated, because we have the paid CRYENGINE version from before they released CRYENGINE V.

Maybe if we were to start again right now, we would consider using it. Now, we don't consider it at all because 3 is a bit more advanced than the V, and it would be a big trouble to make the change.

You mentioned the Oculus Rift, so there's a chance that the game will be compatible with VR?

It works, you can plug it in and it works, but we don't have the time right now to optimize it and you may get motion sick. But it makes great sense and as I said, our Chief Programmer wants to make it happen.

So it could support PlayStation VR as well down the line?

Why not! We don't say no, we can definitely try.

How long should it take to complete the game?

Well, it's an open world RPG. If you rush through it and only complete the main quest, it will be something like 20-30 hours. If you take care (you saw the presentation today, this was something you didn't need to do) you can load it up to 100 hours with all the side quests.

Once the game is released, are you going to add more content?

Once the game is released, we will share modding tools with the community. This will happen some time after the game's launch.

Of course, if the game has some success then we'll work on Kingdom Come 2. The name might change, there might a small time jump (maybe from 1403 to 1410), the protagonist might be older. We want to continue the story.

Will this sequel incorporate the decisions made in the first game via a save file, perhaps?

We'll see, we don't know about that yet.

So you're not planning any DLC/expansion for Kingdom Come: Deliverance? 

We have ideas, but it's not on the to-do list. It's in the maybe list.

Thank you for your time.

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