Kinect + Windows Phone 7 = Winning combination?

Rizwan Anwer

A new Youtube video (not a fake video mind you) shows the potential of when Microsoft merges the power of the Kinect and the Windows Phone 7 together, you can control the objects in the game with the help of your WP7 phone as shown in the above video, this can help games be more interesting especially if this gets integrated with future and current Kinect games.

Currently all we have right now is a video and nothing else aside from the fact that the Kinect can take commands from 2 phones at the same time and maybe support for even more phones is a possibility isn't it?

The Kinect was mainly shown as a PC add on and proved more useful in motion control for the PC rather then being used for it's primary use which is with the XBOX 360, but this might just help people get more active with Kinect and the 360 yet again.

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