Two Kidnappers Torture A Woman Demanding A PSP In Ransom

Fahad Arif

A woman in Las Vegas was kidnapped and held captive in her own home by two kidnappers. The kidnappers tortured the woman to an extent and kept on threatening to do even worse. The suspects said that they would kill her if they did not receive a PSP as ransom.

Two Men Kidnapped And Tortured A Women While Asking For A PSP In Ransom

Reported first by Las Vegas Sun, Two kidnappers took a Las Vegas woman captive in her own home. The suspects, two men named Christopher Hunter and Rosa Garcia, approached the woman outside her apartment and knocked her, then dragged her inside the apartment and tied her to a chair for six hours using electrical cords.

A friend of victim was with her when the attack occurred, the suspects told him that they would kill the woman if he failed to bring "a PlayStation gaming system" as  ransom by 8 pm. The kidnappers then continued to torture the 30-year-old woman by forcing her to drink alcoholic drinks and take pills, they also shaved some of her head hairs and even threatened to abuse her by other informal ways.

The report states that the acquaintance went out to search for a PSP but was unable to arrange one. Eventually after getting the report, police showed up at the location and asked the suspects to walk out of the apartment along with the victim. All three walked outside and police secured the victim taking the two suspects in custody. Garcia denied having done anything while his partner remained quite.

The targeted woman identified the kidnappers as the former residents of the apartment complex. Both Garcia and Hunter were arrested at the scene but according to KTNV report, they were released apparently because of lacking evidence. The investigators are gathering evidence about the case and the two suspects could face charges of attempting murder, kidnapping and assault, once the needed evidence are found.

Source: Kotaku

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