Get The Keeper Password Manager Subscriptions And Bundle For Great Discounts With Wccftech Deals – Limited Time Offer

Keeper Password Manager 

Managing passwords is extremely hard, especially if you operate multiple platforms. The simple solution is to keep one password for every place, but then that exposes you to all kinds of risks. So, get yourself a secure password manager that will protect you at all times. Wccftech is offering you the chance to get the Keeper Password Manager 1-year subscription for just $19.99 and the Keeper Password Manager Bundle 1-year subscription for just $29.99. Discounts like these won’t come again, so avail them right away!

Keeper Password Manager features

These subscriptions will provide you with the ability to generate safe and secure passwords without going through the hassle of remembering them all. Your documents and confidential data will stay secure and you can keep everything secure in an encrypted vault. It is trusted by millions of people all around the world and you could become one of them easily! Keeper Password Manager works easily on mobile devices and computers, so you can sync them and stay safe no matter where you go. It is a highly reviewed program and has been rated 4.9 out of 5 on App Store. PC Mag and Google Play have also given it extremely high ratings. If you still aren’t convinced, you can read more about the features on our site. Here are some of the things that you need to know before making the purchase:

System Requirements

  •  Available on most devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera, iOS (9.0 or later), and Android (4.4 or later)

Important Details

  •  Length of access: 1 year
  •  Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  •  Updates included
  •  Access options: desktop and mobile
  •  Max number of devices: unlimited

The offers are going to expire in just a few days, so avail them right away. Happy Shopping!

Original Price Keeper Password Manager:
Subscription: $29.99 I Bundle: $59.99
Wccftech Discount Price Keeper Password Manager:
Subscription: $19.99 I Bundle: $29.99

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