KDDI pushing ads to users on Android notification bar

We all hate ads, there's no two ways about it. A distracting ad during a game is enough to get your blood boiling. So what happens when you start getting push notifications for ads right on your notification bar? Imagine getting one while driving, thinking it's some important text only to see an ad for a blind date? Well Android users in Japan are already being subjected to this abominable behavior. KDDI, which is Japan's 2nd largest carrier uses its custom version of Android Market (all KDDI phones come preinstalled with it) to use this method of advertising. You cannot uninstall it and it looks as if you cannot disable it either. Most of the questionable things we see in Japan remain in Japan giving rise to the phrase 'only in Japan'. Well I hope just like those, this stupid tactic from KDDI too remains only in Japan.

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