Kazuo Hirai Steps Down From Sony Computer Entertainment

The case could be made that Kaz Hirai led the PlayStation brand to where it is today. While the PlayStation was a straightaway hit in Japan and Asia in general, it couldn't make as much as a big impact stateside since the game library was largely Asian. But due to the efforts of Kaz Hirai, the Playstation brand became a household name in the Americas and Europe by marketing and securing third party franchises.

Kaz Hirai shown here holding a PS Vita.

All his efforts as the boss man at Sony Computer Entertainment International have finally paid off, in a sense. Recently, Kaz Hirai was promoted to the position of CEO of Sony Corporation. As in, he has the entire Sony under his rule, but it came with a price. Kaz Hirai had to retire from SCEI and focus on Sony as a whole, making Andrew House the CEO of SCEI, but Kaz will remain on the board of directors of SCEI, while being CEO of Sony. How does this guy juggle so many things?

Kaz has been concerned about the road Sony is going down since a while now, a while which equates to five consecutive years of losses. So, it is safe to say that Kazuo has more than a few tricks up his sleeve and just might save Sony from even more losses.

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