Kamiya: Microsoft Really Believes in Scalebound, They Have Such A Breadth of Resources To Support Us


With Scalebound, Platinum Games set to create their biggest game ever and one that for the first time did not rely exclusively on explosive action combat.

That was bound to produce some hiccups during development. The game was first announced at E3 2014 and it's on track to launch hopefully before E3 2017, after a major delay took place.

In an interview with The Guardian, he detailed how Microsoft was able to support Platinum Games during these difficult times thanks to their breadth of resources and conviction that the game would do well.

I worked for Capcom for a very long time, after that I worked with Sega for Bayonetta, then Nintendo for The Wonderful 101. So I’ve experienced different publishers, they all have their good points and their bad points, they all have different styles. From that perspective I don’t think of Microsoft as a ‘western’ publisher, but a publisher I’m working with. There is no connotation for the ‘westernness’. But trying to make a game this big, you need someone that really believes in it and is going to support it and Microsoft sat up and did that for us. Both making the bet on the game, but also support where we don’t have the technical knowledge or get stuck. They have such a breadth of resources at their disposal that they’re able to support us.

This might be referring to technical issues, since Scalebound (powered by Unreal Engine 4) will be the first open world game made by Platinum Games. In fact, in another interview with Metro UK  Kamiya said that the team made the world big in the past ten months by creating all the encounters, loot and customization.

The game is scheduled to launch in 2017 for Xbox One and Windows 10.