Just Like Messenger, Instagram Is Turning Direct Into A Standalone App


Facebook and Messenger were not always how we see them today. Back in 2014, the social media giant decided to put the two platforms apart, even though they were conjoined in the form of a single application. The best example of it is the Instagram app. You have your whole app plus the internet messaging experience built in as well. However, it seems that Instagram is also following Facebook's footsteps. As it seems, from today Instagram is testing a new app called Direct which will basically be a replacement for the chatting section in the main app of Instagram.

Instagram Is Testing Direct, A Standalone Messaging App That Will Replace Inbox

You have heard it right, Instagram is testing a new standalone app called Direct and whoever wishes to install it would have the messaging ability vanished from the main app. The Verge has reported that a standalone Direct app is being tested on iOS as well as Android. In addition to this, the testing is being conducted in six countries: Israel, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay. However, Heemal Shah has commented that the company has already decided what it has to do.

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Direct has grown within Instagram over the past four years, but we can make it even better if it stands on its own. We can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app.

However, the competition for internet messaging apps is immense in the market and Instagram is using a different approach to its Direct app. The company is strictly keeping the focus on photos as the app would directly open in the camera section.

The company would include its recently launched features in the app as well, Highlights and Archive. While Highlights will allow you to turn Stories into a featured post situated at the top portion of your profile page and Archive will allow you to view your past Stories even if they have expired. It will be good to see how Instagram makes its Direct section of the app into a separate app. Possibly, there will be more features added alongside the existing ones.

Instagram is growing quite rapidly as the company also announced recently that 25 million businesses now exist on the platform. The numbers have gone up in a very short period of time.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the standalone Direct app? Would you be open to the change? Share your views in the comments.