Just Cause 3’s Sandbox Destruction Shown Off in 4 More Minutes of Gameplay


Just Cause 3 has another 4 minutes of gameplay revealed in a new trailer that was released at New York Comic Con. Inside we get to see Rico himself take on an entire Village, and more, using a combination of his signature moves.

Rico's sandbox is big and full of explosions.

The wingsuit, parachute and grappling hook can all be used together in harmony to make for the perfect recipe for destruction as Rico so kindly blows up an entire village worth of bad guys. The possibilities look to be truly endless in how you can manipulate the world around you to destroy nearly everything.

The sandbox concept seems to be making a good showing here in the newest video. In Just Cause 2, interaction was somewhat limited and most buildings weren't really explorable on the inside, except for being destructible. Things are now even more destructible, thank goodness. Also we can see that the new tools give us far more options to make for a smooth transition between attack, defense and escape.

Just Cause 3 is being developed by Avalanche Studios, published by Square Enix and is scheduled for a December 1st 2015 release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for any more news as it makes it here.