Jonsbo Introduces the N1 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

N1 Mini-ITX
Source: Jonsbo

Jonsbo has announced the N1 Mini-ITX PC chassis, which offers a minimalistic and industrial design with a brushed aluminum enclosure and a steel frame. This unique design allows for five 3.5" drives to be installed easily and removed just as easily. Jonsbo has yet to announce any pricing information or when this PC chassis will be able for purchase.

Jonsbo has announced the N1 Mini-ITX PC case offering up to five 3.5" mounting locations

The N1 Mini-ITX PC chassis has a unique design. This chassis allows for either a vertical or horizontal configuration perfect for a home office or a smaller gaming setup. The outer casing of this case features a brushed aluminum design which case matches nearly any gaming setup.

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N1 Mini-ITX
N1 Mini-ITX
N1 Mini-ITX

This outer casing also features holes on each side panel to better airflow to the internal PC components. This case comes with a single 120 mm fan that draws in air from the front panel and pushes the air through the various drives, and the SFX power supply faces outward to get fresh air from the holes in each side panel.

Source: Jonsbo

It features support for an ITX motherboard and up to six different drives, including one 2.5" SSD and five 3.5" drives. This wide compatibility for storage makes this case perfect for a home movie storage PC or to store your valuable data. In addition to the large storage capacity, this case has some limitations due to the smaller size. The CPU cooler's maximum height is just 70mm while only supporting an SFX power supply with a maximum length of 150mm.

While this case is a small form factor chassis, it does allow for a graphics card to be installed, but it does require a low profile variant with the graphic card featuring a maximum length of 185 mm. The front IO includes a USB Type-C, a single USB 3.0 port, and a combined audio port; this allows for a good range of connectivity for controllers or external speakers.

Jonsbo has yet to announce any pricing information for the N1 Mini-ITX PC case or when this chassis will be available for purchase.

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