Jonsbo Introduces the CR-2100 CPU cooler


Jonsbo introduces the CR-2100 CPU cooler featuring a dual fin-stack CPU cooler and has a total of six 6mm thick copper heat-pipes. These heat pipes made direct contact with the CPU heat spreader allowing for a high thermal conductivity rate. Jonsbo has yet to announce when this CPU cooler will be available for purchase or the retail price for the CR-2100.

Jonsbo announces the CR-2100 CPU cooler, which features a dual fin-stack CPU cooler and uses a total of six copper heat pipes

Jonsbo's newest CPU cooler, called the CR-2100, utilizes a dual aluminum fin-stack to cool even some of the hottest processors efficiently. The CR-2100 CPU cooler utilizes two 120 mm fans mounted to the dual tower fin-stack. This dual heat sink allows for even a high-end processor to be cooled easily and efficiently.

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Source: Jonsbo

The included fans feature a 120 mm fan size, which offers a large range of speed, the minimum speed being just 700 RPM with a maximum of 1,500 RPM. These fans create a maximum noise level of 29.5 dBA with a minimum noise level of 18.1 dBA while creating a fan airflow of a maximum of 62.8 CFM while a minimum of 25.5 CFM. This allows for a large amount of air to be moved throughout the fin-stacks.

Source: Jonsbo

These fans offer the ability to have RGB lighting has shown through them, and the top of each heat sinks feature a top cover showcasing the Jonsbo logo. These logos aren't illuminated but can be shown through the RGB lighting on each of the 120 mm fans included with this CPU cooler.

The CR-2100 CPU cooler uses a total of six heat pipes, all featuring 6 mm thickness; these heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU heat spreader. These heat pipes are made using copper, which has a higher thermal conductivity than various other metals.

This CPU cooler's dimensions are 134 mm of height, a width of 120 mm, and a depth of 159 mm with a weight of 900-grams. These dimensions should fit inside most mATX PC cases and most ATX PC cases.

Jonsbo has yet to reveal any pricing for the CR-2100 CPU cooler or when this CPU cooler will be available for purchase.