Jailbreak your iPhone 4 Online guide included


Don't have the knack or knowledge on jailbreaking your new iPhone 4? friends too busy to help? why not seek the help of JailbreakME, simply go to the website from your iPhone 4 and witness how an online website can Jailbreak the new phone from the comfort of your palm, the iPhone 4 which was jailbreaked was running iOS 4.0.1 so that's a good sign but the site not only jailbreaks your iPhone but it also does iPad and iPod Touch too.

Since jailbreaking is now legal there are no fears of you being up to anything illegal, although jailbreaking does STILL null your warranty which is bad, but this site has made jailbreaking as easy as cake.

There has been a guide written by GeekFill which outlines which OS works with their site, and how one should go about with an online jailbreak.

Source: GeekFill