iTunes Stores Are Coming To the Web Near You


It was anticipated, a move which could change the landscape of online music and content market altogether. I came across a very interesting piece of news which might be nothing but it could also be everything.

Apple has been on the move for acquiring companies and expanding its cloud computing analogy but what everyone else did not see coming was if Apple was actually planning to move its iTunes Store on the Internet. So it is the next step towards actually moving iTunes into cloud computing, that is, you can make a purchase on the web and then download the content on any of the Apple devices you own, anywhere. It is more like carrying all your collections and downloads all the time.

At the moment, except for the final purchase, everything else can be done through Apple's web site. Selecting the content, previewing it and then either using iTunes or any of your devices to download but if you are able to make a purchase online, then you won't need iTunes application and you can be free of worries about when to download or where to download your content.

For the information, Getmo, part of Arvato, which is part of Sony-BMG is already doing similar for mobile content, but is limited to carriers only.

Via: 9to5Mac