Is the Cybershoes Gaming Station the next addition to your VR setup?


From the creators of the Forte Data Gloves, VR gloves that have finger tracking and haptic feedback comes a product that a gamer can enjoy, or just buy in general. See the article explaining why we can't buy these amazing gloves here, comes the Cybershoes Gaming Station.

The Cybershoes Gaming Station creates a smooth locomotion mechanic in Virtually any game!

The Cybershoes Gaming Station allows for locomotion in almost any game, by using a special chair, carpet and the Cyber Shoes. The package includes:

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  • The Cybershoes
    • These connect to your computer and interface with SteamVR, the rollers on the bottom of the shoes allow for accurate tracking in Virtual Reality.
    • The Shoes have a battery life of approx. 8 - 10 hours while only taking three hours of charging.

Cyber Shoes

  • The CyberCarpet
    • This carpet is specifically designed to allow for accurate tracking of the Cybershoes, while most upcoming technology (especially involving carpets) usually look or feel off because the creators create for functionality instead of design. This carpet looks like it could be an easy addition to any gamers set up, it looks like a mate gray so making it blend in would be no issue.

CyberShoes gaming carpet

  • TheCyberchair
    • While the CyberCarpet is easy to blend into the surrounding area, this Locomotion machine does come with a chair that while very stylish is going to be standing out in the middle of your gaming area.
    • The Chair has a nice red back with black leather inside to cushion you while you walk in VR.
  • GasLift
  • Receiver
  • AC adapter
  • USB cables
  • Cable Management
    • As an added bonus, this whole setup does come with some cable management, to keep your gaming set up nice and clean.

This device is seemingly perfect for anyone with a Valve Index seeing as that headset requires SteamVR to be open anyway. This would mean with the Valve Index controller providing finger tracking, and the Cybershoes Gaming station providing realtime foot tracking, along with real-life locomotion.

With the price of 399.41(being discounted from 540.12) which is the USD equivalent of a $443.32, granted you will be paying almost $70 in shipping to the United States. I still think that for people into Virtual Reality this would be a great addition to a gaming setup.