Is it Safe to Use Your iPhone While Charging it?


We all run out of batteries and can't charge them fast enough. But the big question is: can you use your iPhone while charging it?

It is Perfectly Safe to Use Your iPhone While it is on Charge, But Exercise Caution Just to Remain on the Safe Side Anyway

Thanks to the evolution of quick charge technology, we can spend less time tethered to a wall and more time doing all the influencer stuff using our smartphones. Some of us are so hooked to our iPhone (or any phone, for that matter) that we end up using it while it is on charge. Is it a safe thing to do? The short answer is: yes. But, there is always a but, some things need to be considered as well.

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Use an Apple Certified Cable and Charger

This is extremely important. You must use the cable that comes with your iPhone or something that has the 'Made for iPhone' stamp on it. If you are using a cheap cable, things can go very wrong.

The same thing goes for the wall adapter as well. Either use one of Apple's very own chargers, or something that comes from a reputable company such as Belkin, ANKER, AUKEY, Tronsmart, RAVPower, etc. Avoid ultra-cheap chargers at all costs as they are made from subpar materials with no regard for safety either.

Our iPhones Know How to Manage Power

Our phones are super smart, and we might not even realize this. Once you plug your phone into a wall outlet and you charge it all the way to 100%, the phone stops charging the battery and just uses the connected power to keep things powered up. Once you remove the cable, it switches back to battery power.

The harm is done when you drain your phone to zero every single time before picking up a charge. That is just how Lithium-ion batteries work. So, please, go ahead and charge whenever you have the chance. It is absolutely safe. You do not even have to wait to charge the phone till 100% before you start using it either.

So, with that in mind, when you pick up your phone to use it while it is on charge, the phone slows down the charging speed and diverts the power between charging the battery and whatever it is you are doing to power everything up. In short: it is safe to use your phone while it is charging.

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Few Things to Consider

While it is safe to use your iPhone while it is charging, it is still a good idea to keep things under some sort of control. For example, make sure your phone does not get too hot and it is a good idea to remove the case just to keep things cool especially if the ambient temperature is high to begin with. Once again, your phone is smart and will intelligently reduce power to counter the heat factor and can cut off power completely if needed so everything can cool down.

If you are looking for more details on batteries and iPhones, then make sure you read this knowledge article on the Apple Communities website. There are some solid tips in here that can prolong your device's battery life and even counter battery health related issues.

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