iPhone X Launch Quarter Saw Apple Mint Money With More Than 50% of Total Smartphone Revenue Generated

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iPhone X Launch Quarter Saw Apple Mint Money With More Than 50% of Total Smartphone Revenue Generated

Irrespective of its $999 price tag, the iPhone X turned out to be a money-making bezel-less beauty for Apple, accumulating more than 50 percent of the entire smartphone industry revenue. As for Samsung and the rest of the company’s competitors, their figures do not manage to come even close to the numbers that Apple has managed to generate.

Apple Generated 51 Percent Of the Entire Smartphone Industry Revenue for Q4 2017 - iPhone X Primary Contributor to This Success

A fresh report from Strategy Analytics provides details on the revenue onslaught of Apple’s mobile phones. It is safe to say that regardless of how expensive these devices happen to be or get in the future, the company will continue to sell millions of them. Even after the company failed to meet expectations on the number of devices it sold for its Q1 2018 forecast, it still managed to generate a record quarterly revenue in its entire existence.

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The report from Strategy Analytics states that Samsung only garnered 15.7 percent of the total smartphone revenue while Huawei managed to obtain less than half that number. Apple’s average selling price per iPhone was $796 in the last quarter and increased from $695 from the same quarter a year ago.

Though Apple reported that it sold 77.3 million iPhones in the previous quarter, it was not detailed how many of those were iPhones X sales, though there must have been several million of them seeing as how the average selling price of the smartphone has increased drastically.

However, some rumors are circulating towards the price cut of the iPhone X as we move into 2018. The company is expected to release three new bezel-less members of the iPhone family, with one of them boasting an LCD sheet, while the second one is going to be the iPhone X successor, with the remaining one featuring the biggest screen size ever seen in an iPhone to date.

News Source: Strategy Analytics

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