iPhone – The World’s Most Used Camera

By iRev

Our friends over at The GeekaPhone researched the iPhone's camera usability from it's birth and showered us some wowing facts! The infogram compares the iPhone with digital and high end DSLR cameras and tries to explain the reason for it's popularity.

In some ways, comparing the camera in the iPhone 4 to a high end DSLR is like comparing a hamburger from the local pub to an 18 oz. porterhouse from Peter Luger’s Steak House in New York. Yet, the hamburger is pretty darned good and most people eat hamburgers more often than they do expensive prime grade steaks. A comparison of this nature is unfair to the iPhone. It’s not designed to compete with a DSLR and to expect it to compete at that level is unrealistic. However, it is a camera, among other things, and we compare cameras of different levels all the time.

Source: GeekaPhone