Next iPhone sooner than expected Apple handing out invitations for WWDC

Apple has started handing out their golden tickets to a privileged few journalists from major publications and is inviting them to fly out to San Fransisco to attend WWDC in June 2010

Could this be it? Could this be next iPhone? iPhone 4S, iPhone 5? If it's the iPhone 4S you can expect an improved Dual Core A5 processor, better camera's and HSPA+ support for faster internet surfing on the go! while the iPhone 5 is rumored to have all aluminum back and be super thin (and possibly a curved display?) but could this be "Stop-Gap" phone? Like the iPhone 3GS? Could they be releasing the iPhone 5 now or are they going to release an iPhone 4S right now?. For now all news regarding the PR is Mum and Apple isn't likely to tell what they are revealing anytime soon until WWDC happens

The obvious conclusion would be that Apple is announcing a new iPhone. Or rather, an updated model. The iPhone 4S is slated as a stop-gap before the appearance of a true, ‘&%!*, they’ve done it again!’ game-changer next year.

Apple has been dominating the touch screen market with one phone after the other, with a huge library of free to paid apps and a generous support for ever increasing applications an Apple iPhone is really the way to go in today's day and age, while Android is slowly catching up it will be a while before they can match Apple iPhone sales.

Source: Electric Pig

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