iPhone SE SIM-Free Version Sold Out In The US

Omar Sohail

The 4-inch iPhone SE announced by Apple has ended up becoming a huge success in the United States, as reports have stated that the SIM-free version of the smartphone has already been sold out.

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iPhone SE Stock Is Expected To Replenished From April 12

Only selective models of iPhone SE are expected to be present in the United States to purchase from April 12, and some variants might not be able available to snag until April 20. In short, the $399 priced 16GB iPhone SE has more availability as opposed to the 64GB model, since it gives more storage freedom to consumers, and the fact that it’s practically an iPhone 6s crammed inside an iPhone 5s chassis, but priced for $499 that appeals to the consumer wanting to experience Apple’s mobile ecosystem. A rose gold 16GB model is expected to arrive on April 12, but for the 64GB storage belonging to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile carriers, along with the SIM-free version; do not expect stocks to be piled at least until later in the year.

The 4-inch powerhouse isevery bit as powerful as its larger screen counterparts, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, thanks to its A9 SoC. Additionally, another perk of owning the smartphone is its rear camera sensor, which features a 12MP shooter that is able to capture 4K effortlessly. It also sports a much better battery timing as opposed to iPhone 6s, as you will see when you read the total amount of hours you can rake from each device from the table. This will also depend on the kind of activity you are carrying out.

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Coming to the connectivity side of things, iPhone SE features an 802.11ac wireless adapter, making it three times faster than its predecessor, iPhone 5s. In addition, Apple has also placed a nifty feature called Wi-Fi calling, and for additional flexibility, there is also an NFC chip that will come in handy when using Apple Pay for contactless payments. Touch ID is present in the home button, and there is also a Bluetooth 4.2 module present.

Another feature that the company has incorporated is allowing you to take a selfie with better image quality and reduced noise. How? When taking a selfie, the iPhone’s screen’s becomes three times brighter than its original state, allowing you to snap an accurate image, and not worry about quality loss. In our opinion, this is actually more effective than placing an LED flash, because on numerous occasions, the processed image will end up becoming brighter than what you were originally hoping for.

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