Brazil Suspends iPhone Sales That Ship Without Power Brick, Fines Apple $2.3 Million Before Official ‘Far out’ Event Kicks Off

Brazil Suspends iPhone Sales That Ship Without Power Brick, Fines Apple $2.3 Million Before Official ‘Far out’ Event Kicks Off

Ahead of Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event, where the company will officially unveil the iPhone 14 series, the Brazilian Justice Ministry has suspended iPhone sales that ship without a charger. Additionally, the authorities have fined Apple a decent sum, and there is no confirmation if the ministry’s decision will uphold for newer models.

Suspension of iPhone Sales Will Be Applicable to Any Model That Is Not Accompanied by a Power Brick

The government’s decision was published in the publication g1 and spotted by 9to5Mac, with the following details mentioned. Apple has been fined $2.3 million.

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“Application of a fine in the amount of BRL 12,274,500, cancellation of registration of iPhone brand smartphones introduced on the market from the iPhone 12 model, and immediate suspension of supply of all iPhone-branded smartphones, regardless of model or generation unaccompanied by the power brick.”

Apple’s decision to exclude chargers took shape when it officially unveiled the iPhone 12 series back in 2020. The company claims that it is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 and believes that its decision will be more beneficial to the environment. The Brazilian authorities have a different take on the matter, concluding that Apple intends to profit more from its customer base by charging them extra to pay for that charger.

With the latest decision, it is possible that iPhone 14 sales are also suspended in the region until Apple starts supplying the power brick with each model. Given how expensive it is to purchase an Apple product in Brazil, it is likely that sales in this market are not at a scale where the technology giant would give much thought or effort to providing an extra accessory in the packaging.

Samsung, however, complied with the Brazilian government’s guidelines and started bundling chargers with its Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. It remains to be seen if Apple will follow suit or suspend iPhone 14 sales in the country entirely.

News Source: G1

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