iPhone Customer Gets Robbed Outside Apple Store, Damages Mounting to Almost $100,000

Omar Sohail
iPhone Customer Gets Robbed Outside Apple Store, Damages Mounting to Almost $100,000

A 27-year-old Apple customer was robbed outside of the company’s physical retail store when he was attacked by unknown individuals who managed to deprive him of $95,000 worth of merchandise.

Apple Customer Had 300 iPhones With Him, but Not All of Them Were Stolen

The incident occurred early morning, around 1:45 AM, at Apple’s 24-hour New York flagship store present on E. 58th Street. According to Audacy, he purchased 300 iPhones from the store and later resells them through a small business that he owns. A large number of iPhones were stored in three large bags, after which the customer was intercepted by a car that pulled up alongside him.

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AppleInsider reports that two men jumped out of their car and demanded that the customer hand over the bags immediately. Naturally, the customer’s immediate reaction would be to resist the theft, as according to the story, the men that intended to commit the crime were unarmed. The person did manage to put up a fight and hold his own, but it was not enough, as around 125 iPhones were stolen out of the 300.

The purchase totaled $95,000, but there are no updates on what the authorities have planned for this theft or what kind of action the Apple customer will pursue. Apple’s retail outlet on Fifth Avenue facilitates customers at odd timings, meaning that you are likely to be a high-value target if you shop in the middle of the night (or morning), and carrying a large number of iPhones means that trouble was just lurking around the corner.

NYPD police state that they are currently investigating the case, but a detailed description of the suspects and their vehicle has yet to be released. There would have been some witnesses in the surrounding area that could provide more valuable information that may lead to the arrest of these criminals, assuming they are caught in a timely manner.

News Source: Audacy

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