iPhone Branding at the Back of the Models Might Be Dropped for the Upcoming 2019 Lineup

With less than a month away from checking out what Apple has in store for us, there’s a new development related to how these devices will look from the outside. According to a user who apparently claims to be a Foxconn factory worker in China and wishes to remain anonymous has provided details stating that the iPhone branding present at the back of Apple’s mobile devices is not expected to be found on the upcoming models.

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The details regarding the removal of the iPhone branding popped up on a Chinese ‘Q n A’ website Zhihu, with the info caught by Slashleaks, and later MacRumors. Several bits of information in the list have shown up before, but we’ll still run a few by our readers to let them know what to expect during September. Firstly,  the Foxconn worker claims that the new iPhones will be available in a brand new dark green flavor. To remind you, we earlier reported that the iPhone 11R might be available in six finishes, including green and lavender, possibly to cater to customers that appreciate iPhones with unique paint jobs.

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As for the removal of the iPhone branding, Apple might make this move in order to give its 2019 range a more simple, minimalistic look. Since nearly all of you are aware of the iPhone design as well as the Apple logo at the back, having the term ‘iPhone’ printed at the rear side would seem like a bit much. It’s also possible that Apple would be looking to make this change to avoid unnecessary costs. The tech giant is all about the smaller details but this particular approach might be costing the company and its partners a hefty amount so it could be looking to avoid such overheads.

Also, the Foxconn employee claims the iPhone XS Max successor will have a 3969mAh battery capacity, which is a significant jump compared to the 3174mAh cell running in the current iPhone XS Max. It also looks like Apple will be introducing the ‘Pro’ moniker to two of three models slated to launch this year, but that doesn’t mean this term will be printed at the back of these phones.

For now, we’ll recommend that you treat this info with a pinch of salt. With less than a month away for the 2019 iPhone models to launch, whatever hidden details unknown to us will become public in the near future, so have a little patience, and stay tuned for more updates from our side.

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