iPhone Named ‘Best-Selling Tech Product of 2017’ – Here Is How It Garnered the Accolade?

iPhone Best Selling Tech Product of 2017

Apple will definitely not be winning awards when it officially issued a statement saying that it was slowing down your iPhone to provide the best possible battery life, but that has not stopped the mobile phone from selling like hotcakes.

The release of the iPhone X ushered a new smartphone design language for Apple’s phone family and according to USA Today, there are reasons why the product has been named the ‘Best-Selling Tech Product of 2017’.

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According to GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives, the iPhone is expected to sell 223 million iPhones in 2017, up from the figure of 211 million it achieved it 2016.

“But all in all, Apple sold more iPhones total, although less than the peak year of 2015, when it moved 230 million units. (That was the year of the iPhone 6, a redesign that brought a bigger iPhone to consumers for the first time and enthralled the public.)

Ives thinks Apple will have an even bigger 2018, with a spring update to its compact SE iPhone and more new phones in the fall. Out of the billion-plus consumer base of the iPhone, "350 million of them will upgrade next year," says Ives.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 sold a combined 33 million units according to the analyst, with the Amazon Echo Dot sitting at 24 million units, the Apple Watch at 20 million, and Nintendo Switch at 15 million.

It is quite impressive that there is a massive gap that exists between the iPhone and other products, which just shows how Apple has managed to tap into what its customers require, even though there are some compromises they will have to be experienced such as the lack of the headphone jack and non-removable batteries.

Apple has been rumored to release three ‘all-screen’ design iPhones in 2018, with one of them being an LCD model which will carry a more affordable price than the iPhone X.

Do you think the iPhone should have won this accolade? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: USA Today

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