iPhone 7 Matte Black Owners Have Reported Paint Being Chipped on Their Devices

Omar Sohail
iPhone 7 matte black chipped

It is definitely infuriating to see that you’ve purchased an expensive smartphone and the beautiful paint job has started to chip from its body. Well, that is the kind of feeling that matte black iPhone 7 owners must be having right now after several of them have reported that the color from their expensive devices has started to come off.

Several Users Have Reported That the Matte Black Paint Job on iPhone 7 Is Chipping From the Edges and the Back

Apple’s website forums are littered with queries related to the iPhone 7’s matte black paint job being chipped from the aluminum body of the devices. Users have reported that despite taking the utmost care of their expensive iPhones ranging from screen protectors and high-end cases, the paint still manages to come off.

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“I have been using iPhone 7 Plus Matt Black for about one month with fully covered by a TPU casing and full screen tempered glass most of the time. I just open the casing once a week to wipe the dust off from the phone. Until yesterday when I take off the casing, and notice there is something at the edge of the phone body next to UP Volume button. At first I thought it just the dust. I try to wipe it using microfibre cloth as usual. Until I look closely it is the metal part of the body. It seems that the black anodised paint had been chipped off from the phone body. I am really disappointed with what happen to the phone because I was using it very careful.”

The only remedy to this problem is to go to an expert and request for a meticulous basic acrylic paint job from the local markets, but if they do manage to pull this off, users will still have to worry out paint being chipped off from other areas of the phone. Wear and tear is expected from a mobile device, but the fact that the base model of the iPhone 7 comes in at $649 means that the paint job should have been carried out to perfection.


Let us see the sort of response Apple comes up with in order to provide a solution to its users.


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