New iPhone 7 Concept Is Absolutely Overkill In The Specs Department (Video)


We come across concept renders for various devices on a daily basis. With the iPhone 6s right on our faces and due for announcement next month, it's clear that Apple's next smartphone is going to be an evolutionary upgrade over the iPhone 6, only enhancing in the internal specs department while keeping the aesthetics of the device same. All that aside, one concept artist had the foresight to visualize what the iPhone 7 would look like and has released a video showcasing the device.

iPhone 7

At this point, nothing is known about the iPhone 7. The only thing we do know is that it would break away from the design of the iPhone 6 and bring something absolutely new to the table. In short - the device is going to be a revolutionary upgrade, rather than an evolutionary one which the iPhone 6s is going to be, as mentioned above already. While the iPhone 7 is set for announcement next year, a new concept has just surfaced, courtesy of AGXHQ, and envisions what the next big revolutionary iPhone could be like, while at the same time, goes a little overboard in the specs department. Nonetheless, on the design front, it looks absolutely stunning and brings back the aesthetics of the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5s, adding a seamless profile from top to bottom.

Check out the video below and see for yourself what AG has in store for us:

New iPhone 7 Concept Doesn't Shy Away When It Comes To Killer Specs

As you can see, the concept features a 4.9-inch edge-to-edge 4K Retina display which is also Force Touch ready. Among other things, the device features an enhanced Touch ID sensor that also monitors heart rate and is also easy on the battery. In the camera department, the iPhone 7 features a 16-megapixel iSight module with an 8-element lens which can shoot video in 4K and record slo-mo clips at 1000fps. If you think that's way too much, then you'll be pleased to learn that the device will feature a 5-megapixel front facing camera as well. The designer also had the foresight to imagine the device shipping with 2GB of RAM instead of 1 found in the current-gen iPhone model. There's a lot more in the specs department, and we encourage our readers to check out the video above for more details.

It would be interesting to see what route Apple will take when it comes to revealing the iPhone 7. After all, the iPhone 6 seems like the limit what a smartphone can be capable of doing, but we're dealing with Apple here, and we're sure it will throw in a few surprises of its own.