iPhone 6s Rumored To Take Advantage Of SiP Modular Architecture

For all those who are unware of the term, SiP stands for System in Package and was incorporated by Apple in its Apple Watch. Now, according to the latest rumor, it appears that Apple’s iPhone 6s duo is also going to feature a SiP modular architecture. Unlike a conventional PCB (Printed Circuit Board), SiP features several components ranging from a processor, RAM, storage, and even sensors that are tightly packed together in order to order to create a much more compact circuit board. This property also allows the end product to become thinner, when compared to its counterparts.

iPhone 6s Duo Could Only Be The Second Product Lineup To Feature A System in Package

According to ChinaTimes, Apple had used SiPs in the production of its Apple Watch, and from the looks of it, the tech giant could not be happier with the results. Seeing as how Apple Watch raked a large sum of revenue for the firm, it is possible that Force Touch is not the only form for technology that is going to be present inside the upcoming iPhone 6s duo.

The website states that during 2015, which is the period that new iPhones are going to be launched, Apple will continue sticking to using a traditional PCB along with several SiPs. However, rumor has it that the company plans on removing these PCBs from its production equation and replacing them with SiPs. While this is yet to be confirmed, Apple does have a propensity of rolling out wafer-thin products like iPad Air 2, so the company will be looking to surpass that mark, and one of the ways to achieve that, is through the SiP.

Production of SiPs is being reported to be carried out by the end of September or early October. However, using this approach can also have several drawbacks. Similar to several delicate electrical components, SiPs are susceptible to fault and even if one module ends up displaying faults overtime, then the entire SiP will have to be discarded. In this manner, Apple might not be able to reach its projected yield. Regardless, we will just have to wait and see what the company has it store for us as far as its iPhone 6s duo is concerned.


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