iPhone 6 Plus Woes Continue – More Issues Surface After Bendgate

Soon after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus became publicly available, several users started reporting a strange issue with their device. Several units of device started to bend after being kept in their owners' pockets for extended time periods. Dubbed as #bendagate, the issue received widespread attention,

Well, after the massive attention that #bendgate received, it's starting to look like that the iPhone 6 Plus bending isn't going to be the only post-launch issue the device is going to face. Reportedly, several users have started reporting new issues with their phablets.

iphone-6-plus-6Several iPhone 6 Plus Units Crashing Unexpectedly - Large Number Of Apps Reported As Potential Cause

Quite a few iPhone 6 Plus users have started reporting that their devices either crash unexpectedly or enter a reboot loop. The exact nature of the problem is unknown as of yet, but there are several common factors which unite all of these reports.

Firstly, the majority of the iPhone 6 Plus units that have been crashing are the 128 GB models of the device. Secondly, the number of apps installed is in the hundreds. But while these factors might be common in the cases reported, as of now they do not seem to be the root cause of the problem.

Several users have tried to restore their device to factory settings and then proceed to install previous apps manually. But this time consuming method has not seen complete success, as reports have poured in claiming that the phablet crashes soon after the apps have been re-installed.

So far, Apple does not have an official response to this issue. Given the limited nature of this issue, it's highly unlikely to see a response before the problem becomes widespread. Some users looking for replacements for their iPhone 6 Plus have been successful in getting one, while others have been told to wait. So if you're an iPhone 6 Plus user, be on the lookout for any such problems to occur with your device. We'll keep you updated.


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