Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 6 Compared To The iPhone 5S In Leaked Video Prior To Apple Release

Apple's upcoming event which will see the iPhone 6 and the iWatch being launched is almost upon is. Yet, keeping in tradition with information and components leaking out related particularly to the iPhone 6, another video has popped up which shows the upcoming device.

The video, even though is completely in Mandarin, shows a device that looks remarkably similar to what we can expect the upcoming iPhone 6 to look like based on numerous leaks. And even more, the iPhone 6 is compared to an iPhone 5S (which is real for sure) so that a better understanding can be gained of the differences between the two devices.

iPhone 6 Compared To The iPhone 5S In New Video - Several New Features Present

The iPhone 6 in the video above has several similarities to the device that Apple is expected to launch at Flint Center. The most noticeable feature on the device is perhaps the presence of a Touch ID sensor which is used several times.

In addition to this, the iPhone 6 shown in the video also performs tasks much efficiently and smoothly. Most of the clones out there though end up looking like an Apple product but fail to offer several functionality improvements and features.

Apart from these, features such as the lock, sound buttons and the lightning cable connections also make the device look like the upcoming iPhone 6. The device also appears to be quite thin and the reviewer explains that it is in fact lighter than the iPhone 5S.

However, poor recording quality and lackluster performances by the people involved in the video end up casting doubts on it's credibility. A disappointing feature on the device is the presence of a protruding camera, which we were hoping would not feature on the device. Is the device real? We guess we'll find out soon at Flint Center.

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