First iPhone 5 Unboxing Video?


The iPhone 5 saga continues to attract people from all over the world. First the images, then reports targetting its release and now the unboxing  of iPhone 5 make its way to the web, deceiving, foreseeing or maybe truthfully informing regarding the release of iPhone 5 which is expected somewhere at the end of September or early October. Well by now you’ll be baffled by the inquisition whether this unboxing video is real or fake? Well take a look at some of the images and video of the upcoming iPhone 5 and decide yourself!

The video might be another fake one as it can be noticed that the design is exactly the same as iPhone 3GS  which is not possible as Apple has promised a thinner, lighter and sleeker next generation iPhone but this one looks a bit fatter and akin to iPhone 3GS.


Secondly the guy hasn’t turned on the iPhone so there is no legitimacy of the device been an original iPhone 5.  But the large display screen, a front camera and a swerving design distinguish it from an iPhone 3GS, somehow reflecting the next generation iPhone as it seems to be in the images leaked earlier.

Check out the video and do the rest of detective work yourself.