Apple Will Release Full-Display iPhones in 2019 – No Notch Is Going to Be Present


The announcement of the Vivo APEX might have triggered another rumor related to future iPhone models and their design. According to the latest, Apple will be announcing new iPhone models that will not feature the notch. That is safe to assume that we’ll be greeted with a full-display iPhone with no bezels in sight? Looks like time will tell.

Apple Could Hide Camera Hardware and Other Internals Beneath the OLED Display of the 2019 iPhone Family

According to ETNews, Apple has been rumored to drop the notch on its 2019 iPhone lineup. The tech giant could come up with a design that will completely fill up the front of the new smartphones. Having OLED technology in a smartphone will be advantageous here because the display will be thin enough to keep devices sleek while also allowing manufacturers to incorporate components beneath it.

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One example is the in-glass fingerprint reader from Synaptics, which is present in a Vivo smartphone. The iPhone X notch, which some say appears to be obnoxious, houses critical components such as the TrueDepth camera a separate infrared camera for Face ID, dot projector, flood illuminator, speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, hence the black patch on the top of the display.

Apple will certainly not be using a pop-up camera like the Vivo APEX since that is something that goes against the design of the iPhone, which certainly does not have any moving parts. With Tim Cook being the CEO, looks like that is not going to be happening anytime soon.

There are a lot of things which could happen in the near future but more importantly, you should take this rumor with a pinch of salt for now. Apple has been rumored to reduce the notch for the 2018 iPhone lineup, and perhaps by 2019, there might not be a notch at all.

However, the company should be moving with haste because its competitors are lining up to release better design iterations of the iPhone X.

News Source: ETNews