iPhone 15 Ultra Could Be the Name of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Successor for 2023

Omar Sohail
iPhone 15 Ultra Could Be the Name of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Successor for 2023

In 2023, Apple will reportedly bring additional exclusive features to its more expensive members of the iPhone 15 family, enabling the company to generate more profits as it ships higher volumes of such devices. One significant change to help set a fresh standard for the future is a new name for the top-tier model, and it could be called the iPhone 15 Ultra instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Ultra Has Fewer Words and Should Cause Less Confusion Between Consumers When Choosing Which Model to Pick Up

We may see more changes arrive next year, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in his latest Power On newsletter, advising consumers to wait another 12 months if they currently own the iPhone 13.

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“If you have an iPhone 13, I’d wait another 12 months for the iPhone 15. That’s when we’ll see bigger changes, including a potential rebranding of the Pro Max as the Ultra.”

Switching to the iPhone 15 Ultra name should be beneficial in many ways. For one thing, it will become easier to pronounce and will not be such a mouthful as it is with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Using fewer words to differentiate an iPhone model may cause less confusion between buyers, especially if Apple intends on using the ‘iPhone 15 Pro’ name for the smaller screen version.

Using the name ‘Ultra’ would also signify that it slightly raises the bar in terms of features. As of right now, rumors claim that this iPhone 15 Ultra would be the only one sporting a periscope zoom lens, and Apple has previously been reported to have secured a lens supplier for this exclusive feature. Other than that, the more premium handsets are reported to exclusively ship with the A17 Bionic, while the less expensive variants could feature the A16 Bionic powering the ‘Pro’ models for this year.

The A17 Bionic could be Apple’s first 3nm SoC, along with the M3, which is expected to be found in future Macs, with both custom silicon apparently being mass produced on TSMC’s second-generation 3nm process. Do keep in mind that Apple’s plans could change instantly, so instead of the iPhone 15 Ultra, the technology giant could retain the ‘Pro Max’ moniker for 2023. As we head into next year, we will receive more information, so stay tuned.

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