iPhone 14 Pro Will Potentially Come With an Upgraded 48MP Camera Capable of 8K Recording

Ali Salman
iPhone 14 Pro 48MP Camera

Apple will launch the new iPhone 14 series later this year with a boatload of new additions. While the flagships are still months away from being announced, new rumor coins that the iPhone 14 Pro will feature an upgraded 48MP camera. Technical specifications are out of the question at this stage, the rumored upgrade refers to the wide-angle lens, which rests at 12MP on the iPhone 13 Pro models. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

iPhone 14 Pro to House a 48MP Camera But Support Both 48MP and 12MP Output

According to a Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, Apple will offer a 48MP camera on the iPhone 14 Pro models. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro will be the first model after the iPhone 6s to feature a rear camera with increased megapixels. However, this is not the first time that we are hearing details on an upgraded sensor on this year's flagships as Ming-Chi Kuo expects the upgrade to support video recording up to 8K.

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Take note that increasing the megapixel count and keeping the image sensor size the same will result in smaller pixels. This will capture less light and ultimately lowering the quality of low-light shots. Ming-Chi Kuo has previously claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro will support both 48MP and 12MP output. Through a process called pixel binning, the 48MP shots will be downscaled to 12MP shots. As a result, low-light shots will be improved.

The pixel binning process is currently used by Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra. The process merges data from multiple smaller pixels on the image sensor into a "super-pixel" for better low-light scenarios. As heard previously, pixel binning on the iPhone 14 Pro models use 48MP photos in brighter conditions while 12MP shots will be reserved for low-light conditions.

iPhone 14 Pro 48MP Camera

In addition to this, the iPhone 14 Pro models will shoot 12MP shots by default. This is because the 48MP photos will take large storage space. Nonetheless, we are yet to see how Apple will implement the technology and how it plans to mage the storage. The company is expected to announce four iPhone 14 models later this year and would not launch the iPhone 14 mini. Instead, the company plans to launch a new 6.7-inch 'iPhone 14 Max'. However, it seems only the 'Pro' models will receive the camera upgrade.

This is all there is to it, folks. How do you think Apple will implement the upgraded cameras? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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